How Centurion Gate Motors Can Help Your Security

Gate motors are unique pieces of machinery which, when connected with a control system, offer endless ways to enhance security measures. Safety is a huge concern for homeowners and businesses alike and the benefits of gate motors have been proven time and time again. 

What are Gate Motors?

Gate motors are electric motors responsible for opening and closing gates. These systems consist of an electric motor, gear or pulley system, a drive shaft, and a controller. Gate motors come in various sizes and specifications but are available with the same features as other standard AC motors; ie. sealed construction, lubrication-free operation and couple overload protection to name a few. 

Types Centurion Gate Motors 

Gate motors have a wide variety of functions. 

UrbanCam currently offers two Centurion D5 Gate Motor Models. The D5 Evo and the D5 Smart. We have also put together some Gate motor kits for you to get you everything you need to start your gate automation journey. 

D5 Evo - Old Faithful

Centurion Gate motors are still to this day is renowned as one of the most durable and reliable gate motors ever made. Many years later the old formula has been perfected with the Centurion D5 Evo, taking the best of what we learned from the D10 and applying it to the D5 Evo.  The D5 evo is faster, smarter and easier to set up than ever, the old faithful even got a facelift   

D5 Smart - The intelligent choice. 

With the D5 Smart, Centurion has set out to create a product this is the embodiment of the phrase "making your life easier". Taking what they have learned over 30 years of being a market leader in the access control industry, Centurion brings you a gate motor solution that gives you everything from intelligent reporting to easy mobile based setup and operation. 

With unsurpassed convenience and control at your finger tips, you will love the D5 Smart. 

How to choose reliable gate motors?

It is important to invest in good quality gate motors, as anything less will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the security. Centurion Gate motors are designed for durability and endurance, operating in tough conditions throughout the year. Your bottom line and your profits are worth protecting too. By ensuring these gate motors are always functioning flawlessly you can know that only people who should be allowed through your gates can come through your gates. Invest in security and a good quality Centurion gate motor to keep you and your customers safe. 

Centurion Gate motors are a necessary component in any security system, but finding the right model isn't easy. Find out which features you should look for so that your gate motor won't break down on you. Gate motors are found at almost all warehouses, manufacturing plants, grocery stores and construction sites, and they can be an integral part of your security system. We have different Centurion models to choose from that is sure to meet your security requirements and needs. 

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